Nano Fur & Leather – Nano Traders are sole proprietorships of Muhammad Monib Karim, located in Kasur Pakistan which has been referred to as the main hub of Leather production. The key objective is to provide the world with trendy and fashionable products being environment friendly and economical as well. We hope that our customers will keep coming to us and rate us in our efforts to keep us binding to our ideology.

About the CEO

Muhammad Monib Karim Ansari

Chief Executive Officer

Having an experience of over 20 years in the steps of making up-to the CEO.
Masters in Economics & Eng. Literature.
Bachelors in Commerce and Eng. Language.
Accounting experience of over 15 Years with recognized names in the Industry.
Organizational management and operational experience of over 8 years with multi national Telecom Sectors.
Striving to be an icon of International Trade in Pakistan.